2000- Consolidated Works "Evidence" Group Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2004- Cafe Vita "Seattle Tattoo Convention Group Show" (Seattle, Wa.)
2005- Kincora " Good Morning Apocalypse" Solo Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2006- Design Commission " Pedal " Group Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2006- BLVD "No Wimps" Group Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2006- Gilt Edge Society Group Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2006- Seattle Center "Zulu Nation Anniversary Show" Group Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2007- Capitol Hill Arts Center "Charming Little Creeps" Solo Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2007- Zero Zero "Upper Left" Group Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2007- BLVD "Seattle Tattoo Convention Group Show" (Seattle, Wa.)
2007- Sal's "Evil Live" Darvin "Boohi" Vida and Ego (Seattle, Wa.)
2007- Neumos "The Program" Group Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2007- Saved Gallery "Upstarts" Group Show (Brooklyn, NYC)
2007- Mercer House "Grand Finale" Group Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2007- Showbox "Sneaker Pimps" Live Painting (Seattle, Wa.)
2007- 35th North "Played Out" Solo Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2007- Pioneer Square "Artoleptic" Live Painting (Seattle, Wa.)
2008- Meltdown "Eat Your Art Out" Group Show (Los Angeles, Ca.)
2008- Together Gallery "Look What You've Done!" Group Show (Portland, Or.)
2008- BLVD "Fanatic" Group Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2008- Alpha Cult "Quiet As Kept" Group Show (Long Beach, Ca.)
2008- Saved Gallery "Upstarts" Annual Group Show (Brooklyn, NYC)
2008- Gargoyles "Ghastly Delights" Solo Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2008- Space Gallery "Attack of the B-Movies" Group Show (San Francisco, Ca.)
2008- BLVD "No Wimps" Annual Group Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2008- Idaho State University (Mind's Eye Gallery) "the Creeps" Solo Show (Pocatello, Id.)
2008- RIOPACIFIC Studio "The Way We Think" Group Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2008- SnoCon "Supernatural" ParsKid and Ego (Seattle, Wa.)
2008- King Cobra "LuckLusters" Live Painting (Seattle, Wa.)
2008- SnoCon "Cheap Thrills" Group Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2009- Gems "In Retrospect" Solo Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2009- Ronin Gallery "Cowboys and Samurai" Group Show (Los Angeles, Ca.)
2009- Alternative Cafe "The End" Group Show (Seaside, Ca.)
2009- Free Sheep Society Group Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2009- Ronin Gallery "Burgeoning Heliotrope" Weirdo and Ego (Los Angeles, Ca.)
2009- Flatcolor Gallery "Light in the Darkness" Solo Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2009- Greenwood Collective (Band Vibes Studio) "Holiday Bizarre" Group Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2009- Halogen Gallery "Astatine" Group Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2009- Twighlight Artists Collective "Lit" Group Show (Seattle, Wa.)
2010- Electic Coffin Studio "Boxes of Death" Group Show" (Seattle, Wa.)
2010- Flatcolor Gallery "SideKicks and Henchmen" Group Show (Seattle, Wa.)